82nd Airborne Division Blog

In this section we talk about people and events of the 82nd in WWII - the known and hopefully lots of the previously unknown. If you have something to add, we would love to hear it. You can enter your comments at the bottom of each story.

It is good to be brave but better to be smart and less painful to those around you.

“I have seen so much of death over here that I have come to believe one should do everything he can to enjoy life – as he may not be here tomorrow.”

Colonel Mark Alexander – 505th and 508th Parachute Infantry Regiments – tells it like it is. See more quotes…

War is indeed a nightmare of hell

“War is indeed a nightmare of hell and more do I realize that these men of ours are the most courageous in the world. They will never back up, no matter what the odds. German prisoners tell us that our paratroopers are the fiercest and most determined fighters they have ever seen.”

- quote from Lt. Col. Mark Alexander, June 1944

A Belgium man’s quest for family history leads to a memorial honoring American paratroopers

Michel Bara had four cousins die during World War II – two were French, one Italian, and one American. A monument to the 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment was erected in a location once fought over during the Battle of the Bulge.


Bazookas in World War II

The German Panzerschreck was far superior to the Allies Bazooka.


Corporal Shenkle and the attack on Hill 95

Corporal George Shenkle of the 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division was there for the attack on Hill 95 on the Normandy peninsula. Here are a few of his recollections.