82nd Airborne Division Blog

In this section we talk about people and events of the 82nd in WWII - the known and hopefully lots of the previously unknown. If you have something to add, we would love to hear it. You can enter your comments at the bottom of each story.

General Maxwell D. Taylor saves the 82nd from annihilation

Operation Giant II had the 82nd Airborne Division jumping on the airfields of Rome. At the same time, Italy would announce that they were switching side and joining the Allies. Her armies would help the 82nd take and hold Rome and shut down anti-aircraft fire. General Maxwell D. Taylor went on a secret mission deep into Italy to make sure Italy could keep it’s promises.

504 in Italy – Corporal Ross Carter

After the 82nd Airborne Division jumped in Italy on the Salerno beachhead and fought their way up to Naples, the 504 stayed and fought after the rest of the division moved to Ireland to prepare for D-Day. Corporal Ross Carter describes the situation.
After months of brutal fighting, the 504 would not have time to absorb replacements and participate in the cross-channel invasion.